Tux3 Linux Filesystem Project

About Us

We are strong believers that an open community is just as important as open source code. If you want to join the community, or just learn more about Tux3, log on to our IRC channel and mailing list listed under the Contribute heading.

You don't need to be a developer to contribute. The user space implementation makes it easy to test and help us debug. See this post for more information.

Hall of Fame

  • zumatux Daniel Phillips - <phillips@phunq.net>
  • zumatux Shapor Naghibzadeh - <shapor@shapor.com>
  • zumatux Maciej Zenczykowski - <zenczykowski at gmail dot com>
  • zumatux Conrad Meyer - <konrad@tylerc.org>
  • zumatux Tero Roponen - <tero.roponen@gmail.com>
  • zumatux Benjamin K. Stuhl - <benjamin.stuhl@colorado.edu>
  • zumatux OGAWA Hirofumi - <hirofumi@mail.parknet.co.jp>
  • zumatux Timothy Huber - <timothyhuber@mac.com>
  • zumatux Pranith Kumar - <bobby.prani@gmail.com>
  • zumatux Jonas Fietz - <info@jonasfietz.de>
  • zumatux Pune Institute of Computer Technology Students - de-duplication work
    • Chinmay Kamat <chinmaykamat@gmail.com>
    • Gaurav Tungatkar <gauravstt@gmail.com>
    • Kushal Dalmia <kdpict@gmail.com>
    • Amey Magar <amey.magar@gmail.com>
    • Amey Inamdar <amey.inamdar@gmail.com> - mentor